Thursday, July 23, 2015

Thursday String Idea #2

 Welcome to Week 2 of
Thursday String Idea!
Hopefully the string will work a little better this week.
I will go back and fix last week's string if this works.
There will be a link provided below where you can
print out the string at the correct size.
you can click here.
Thanks to Erin, host and creator of the Zendala Dare!
This is what I came up with using string 2.
I do not typically tangle on the 3.5" tiles.
I am trying to get back into that habit.
Tangles I used from top to center:
printemps, zander, All Boxed Up, and flux.

If you would like to print out String 2,
just click this link and hopefully it will work.
If it doesn't, please let me know so I can try it again.
The Creator's Leaf

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