Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Thursday String Idea #8

Welcome to Thursday String Idea,
here is String #8!
If you would like to print this string so you can transfer it to a 3/5" square tile, 
or to put in your sketchbook -
click here
If you haven't transferred a string to a tile before,
it is really easy.
Print the string out here.
It will automatically print ready to fit a 3.5" square tile.
Turn the paper over and scribble back and forth
 on the back side of the print with pencil,
being sure to cover all the areas of the string.
Turn your print back over and place a blank tile underneath it.
Place both pieces down on a hard surface, 
then draw over the string line with a ballpoint pen.
This will transfer to graphite to your tile in the shape of the string.
Easy peasy!

For my tile above, I used:
frost flower, cadent, and a cross between bales and merryweather.

If you missed it - print the string here.

The Creator's Leaf

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  1. I like the way you've used two different orientations of Frost Flower giving the top & bottom dense linear fill whilst keeping the right & left sections open with grid tangles, bisecting both Bales & Cadent allows the two grid spaces to echo not only each other but the shape of the string itself!
    Paula (PEP)


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