Monday, February 8, 2016

Pardon Our Construction

Please pardon our dust.
The problem has been fixed. 
Hallelujah!!! and a big thanks to Charlotte Baker
for connecting me with an awesome computer guru
who located the problem in about 30 seconds!
(And didn't charge me a penny!)

And since I have had my little meltdown
and am back on the road to happiness,
Cindy is going to be making a couple
appearance changes here.
Hopefully all will be wonderful soon.
Thank you for hanging in there with me!

And for a teaser . . . . . . 
expect an announcement coming this weekend!
The Creator's Leaf


  1. Your graphics had me chuckling - great to see you've got it sorted. That would have been such a headache starting again.
    Paula (PEP)

    1. hahaha! these are cindy's emoji graphics. i love them!


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