Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Alcohol Ink and Blending Solution

 Here is the ATC we worked on yesterday.
I mentioned that I was going to do a bit
more work on it. Here is what I did:
 I explained this technique in a post a couple days ago.
Basically I have Copic Blending Solution in a
fine-gauged tip bottle that I purchased at
I felt the yellow got a little spread out and
disconnected on the ATC.
I dropped one little spot of blending solution on the yellow, 
it spread onto the turquoise and 
I just let it go and watched the magic.
 Eventually the solution spread onto both the turquoise and pink. You can see where it changed the top turquoise to a green color, but not so on the lower turquoise. 
Alcohol inks have a life of their own.
They do what they want.
And I love how it turned out.
Next I will tangle the ATC with a Copic multiliner.
Pitt artist pens also work well.
Here is a little sampling of some ATCs I made with the inks. 
So much fun, great results, 
and I was finished in about ten minutes.

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  1. A bit like watching a firework display but on paper....


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