Sunday, July 10, 2016

Fix An Alcohol Ink Hot Mess

Yesterday's post gave you this sneak peek.
The color comes from Tim Holtz and Ranger's
alcohol inks. The paper that seems to work
best is Yupo paper. 
Here is a look at the supplies I used.
I have been using these inks for close to 
ten years and they always deliver.
 Unfortunately, I did not get a photo of the before on this project, 
but . . . think hot mess.
Here are two examples. Hahaha!
Actually I used a piece of yupo paper to test my
Just squirting a drop here, a drop there.
All different colors with no regards to the
color circle Bible. 
And I had a piece of hot mess, nasty dark colors,
wasted sheet of paper.
So I got to thinking . . .
how could I save this sheet?
(You know. The one I don't have a picture of.)
 I remembered a video where someone used
copic blending solution to remove color.
So I took this fine gauge tipped bottle that
I bought from and put some
blending solution in it. 
Here you can see what just one little drop can do.
But, back to my hot mess project.
This IS the sheet of yupo I was working on.
You can a general idea of the background
with splotches of various color here and there.
I took the fine gauged bottle of blending solution
and started at that lower left corner
and squirted a continual line of solution
to the upper right corner. 
You can see how it lightened the colors,
ran them together,
mixed and blended a bit.
But not enough yet.
I felt it needed more help,
so I started at the upper right corner and 
basically drew a curved line of blending solution 
around the outside of the project,
to the lower right corner.
You can visually follow the line.
Then I left it sitting till it was dry.
Alcohol inks don't take long to 'dry'.
Really, the alcohol evaporates, leaving the
beautiful color behind.

Now I have a piece of art I can tangle.
A few people on Facebook asked me
to explain this project.
Thanks, Sandy and Sandy!
Hopefully a few more people will enjoy this
little explanation and put it to use.

I am getting ready to head back to Florida in a few days. Mom has two doctor's appointments and I will be there for almost a week. I am going to pre-program some posts so you aren't lonely while I'm gone. Hahahaha!
I hope you find them helpful.


  1. Interesting - glad you managed to salvage the paper & ink. Take care with the travelling.

    1. thanks, evelyn, you are a faithful reader and friend. i appreciate you so much!

  2. Good to know. I have used alcohol inks on polymer clay and used straight alcohol to blend the colours. There are 2 types of alcohol (besides the kind you drink - haha) One type has a medicine in it and the other is pure. Try the pure one.

    1. thank you, rita, for sharing that. good information :)


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