Thursday, July 28, 2016

New Colors from Rangers - Alcohol Inks

Fun news!!!
Tim Holtz and Rangers have come out with
six new alcohol ink colors!
I received my set yesterday and went
right to playing!
Of course I used Yupo paper to work on.
All pieces are 5" x 7".
Above you see the new colors: 
amethyst, flamingo, and turquoise.
Old colors used: shell pink and aqua.
 These colors seem to do a few things the older
ones don't. At least for me they did.
Look at that top blob of green on the left -
looks like the bottom of a shoe -
that was from one drop of color.
I have no idea why it split like it did,
but I love it anyway.
And then there is that double edged ring
of orange in the center of the paper.
Yeah, that was strange.
New colors used: valencia, patina, and limeade.
Old colors added: lemonade and shell pink.
 With this one I had something happen that 
doesn't usually happen . . . mud.
I dropped my colors onto the yupo
and noticed that whole central section 
looked like a puddle of mud.
I took a paper towel, placed it over the
paper, and gently pressed down.
It lifted the mud and left this color behind.
I love it.
New colors used: patina, turquoise, and flamingo.
Old color: shell pink.
Probably my favorite from the afternoon
To make these simple bubble drop pieces of art
all you do is follow two easy rules.
1) Do not touch the yupo paper with your skin.
Hold it with a paper towel.
Oils from your skin cause the ink not to adhere.
2) Drop single 'drops of color' from the bottles.
One at a time put down your first color.
I usually work in odd numbers and place 
five drops of the first color.
(Please don't count - hahaha! - it probably
won't work on this one.)
Repeat with other colors until you have 
the result you want.

You will know when your piece of art is finished.
It will sing to you and say, "Stop!"
The colors run and push each other out of the way
creating some beautiful pattening
that you couldn't repeat if you tried.

New colors: patina and turquoise.
Old color: cool peri.

And there are the new Ranger Alcohol Ink colors.
What a fun way to spend 15 minutes.
Favorite - patina.
Least favorite - valencia.
I will do a more complete product review soon.


  1. The final one is spectacular - I love the hints of pink, almost like mother of pearl, with the blues & greens, understated yet sophisticated. Can see you're having fun here.

  2. Alice love the new colors but here in Houston, TX they do not have a wide range of colors. I am assuming you get them on line? And, since I do not have Amazon Prime, I had my daughter order me your "Tangle IT Journal and am excited to play with it! Thanks for you creativity. If you say, it is on Amazon where you get your Inks, guess I will have her order them for me?

    1. Sorry. I should have said. I get mine at Barb has great prices. And thank you for supporting us with the journal. It's been a blessing to many people - including us!


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