Saturday, July 23, 2016

Punzel Pops

Love working with copics!
They are an alcohol based marker,
they blend well,
they are bright and crisp,
so easy to work with.

This is a blend of the official tangle punzel
and Ina's bubble love.
Both are fairly easy to draw
and they work well together. 

Winter will be here before we know it
and I have been telling Mark I need
a snow mobile. 
Teal or pink.
(Hahaha! Apparently these are my go-to colors.)

I talked with a salesman yesterday.
He didn't think he could get me a snow
mobile in either of those colors.
Why not???
But he did say he could order a wrap -
custom designed - to go over the sled.
(I learned a new term - sled.)
To me that sounds like a zentangle challenge!
I repeat . . . hahahaha!

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  1. I must admit I've been thinking about Copics with tangles so seeing this post reminded present still too much happening so not really getting to drawing. Teal & pink works pretty well doesn't it? Not quite sure what a snowmobile is but think it might be a bit bright in those colours.


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