Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Gotcha 8C's

Yeah, I'm sure that title makes no sense.
To you.
But to me it makes complete sense.

In my Facebook group Zentangle All Around
I offer an almost daily challenge 
involving one or two tangles to try out.
This particular challenge was to try
the tangle 8C, which looks fantastic
when it is drawn correctly.
And therein lies the challenge.

My first attempt was that middle section,
to the left. Yes, it looks good,
but no, it is not correct.
I thought it would look good morphing
into gotcha - that's the middle section
to the right.
But I wanted to get 8C right, so I added
a band across the top and bottom
and tried again.
This time I had success. 
And it all morphs together so delightfully.
Add a little shading and call it done.

Want to try these tangles for yourself?
Here are links to gotcha and 8C -
because pink = link.

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