Monday, August 8, 2016

Too Busy

Too busy.
That accurately describes my life
but I love it!
Lots on my plate art wise,
swaps, adminning, looking into book options,
helping a friend launch a new book tomorrow.
(Stay tuned.)
Working my Etsy store again,
trying to find some me-time to draw,
staring out my window at Maine.
I love all of it!

Let's do some links.
Etsy store is here.
Tangles used above are:
airways, cee-a-mosa, and 
cross bar - all my patterns.

Also Carole Ohl's inapod
Katy Abbott's kuke, and 
zentangle® original tangle printemps.

It's a beautiful day.
I think I'll stare out the window
some more. 


  1. Alice,
    Love this creation! Thank you for all the patterns you create, airways is one of my favorite.

    1. i am so glad you are enjoying my patterns :)

  2. Now that cross bar looks interesting - autocorrect is such a pain............. guess who was googling the tangle INAPT.......... ahem!!!


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