Tuesday, September 13, 2016

In Our Back Yard

 Let's play . . . What's In Your Back Yard?

Hahaha! Mark has hunting cameras set up in the
back and side yards. He checks them each week to
see what kind of animals we have passing through.
And let me tell you we have had it all.
These pictures are from this past Sunday morning.
In our back yard. 
I think it's cool he got such great pictures.
I don't think it's cool the bear is so close to our house.
Other than that . . . isn't he cute?

if you are wondering what Maine wildlife is
doing on my art page, well. 
I started a blog called
There Be Dragons Here
and apparently not very many people
are aware that it's there.
So I am going to drop it and combine photos of 
Maine, and my dragons, and our wildlife -
with my art work. 
I hope you don't mind.
On the other hand, 
this might mean daily postings again. 


  1. Awesome! I am looking forward to future posts!

  2. Oh my - you just be careful with bears about - he/she is rather splendid & looks fantastic against all that green foliage. Makes sense to keep your efforts all on one blog then you're not having to split your thoughts in two........... well......... I'm sure you know what I mean...........


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