Thursday, November 24, 2016

Marabu Acrylic Ink

I received a new product in my Art Snack box
recently - see that pink?
That is Maribu Acrylic Ink.
It sprays on and mixes really well with
other ink sprays.
Like the teal Dylusions Ink Spray.
Great combination.
Frankly, I don't know where you buy it.
Mine was a sample bottle.
I took this piece with me to Orlando this week
and completed the tangling I had started.
Worked on some new patterns
and I included a couple older ones.


  1. Love the Noom & Waybop, seems to me the tangles are cranking up a level & these are looking like Celtically inspired designs to me. Love the way you just experiment putting sprays together & go for it. Good thing you had some prepped paper with you - what's a girl to do whilst waiting at airports but whip out her pen & tangle................

    1. haha! just now seeing this - almost a year later. sorry. I'm terrible at checking comments.


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