Tuesday, January 31, 2017


I love doing zentangle art.
There is a whole world of people out
there that share ideas,
share patterns and drawing techniques,
a whole family that opened to me
when I went through
Certified Zentangle Teaching class.

One of the lovely ladies I've met online
since then is Lily Moon.
If you tangle at all,
or if you have a zentangle Pinterest board,
you know who Lily is.
Her work is beautiful!
Her work is elegant, detailed, and so warm!

In my Facebook group
Zentangle All Around -
today we are working with one of Lily's
original tangle patterns - andromeda.
That whole circle you see above is 
my interpretation
of Lily's Andromeda pattern.

You can find the step out instructions here.
And by clicking here, you will be
automatically sent to her blog of
eye-popping gorgeousness. 


  1. super wreath - they're definitely your speciality - I can see this coloured & shaded in greens & yellows starting with deep green moving to yellow from the point to the round part of the individual seeds......... thank you for brightening my day.

    1. haha! you have a better imagination than I do! maybe I'll just add that color :)


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