Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Moebius Syndrome Awareness With the Diva, #300

 It's week 300 with the Diva Challenge!
And a special achievement requires some
special recognition!
Laura's cutie pie little son Artoo is a
champion and survivor with
Moebius Syndrome. 
Extremely rare, 
Moebius affects the cranial nerves
and is present at birth.
It has been a joy watching Artoo
and his brother Chewie grow up.
Artoo is part of our zentangle family
and we salute him this week!
Sending him and the family loads of hugs
and well wishes and love!

To check out all the Moebius art,
click this link.


  1. Beautiful Moebius tile! I love the balance and composition of black/white! :)

  2. I LOVE this Moebius Syndrome Logo. The contrast and composition: I LOVE it.

  3. A real whopper of a tile - it's so alive with your shading & those rays at the 3 corners, your weighted lines & signature printemps make this a stunner. A lovely tribute & recognition for Laura too.

  4. Great work ! On your tile i like the regularity of 'Printemps'

  5. I love the textural variations. The delicate outer, bold Moebius fill, and then the inner Printemps layer makes for a dramatic tile!

  6. Very dramatic Moebius tile. I like your tangle choice on the logo. Nicely done.

  7. Wonderful, perfect for the 300th and the Moebius Awareness Day. Very Celebratory. Great technique.


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