Monday, February 27, 2017

Amping Up the Backgrounds

 Yesterday I posted about an Alisa Burke class I'm taking.
I showed you various water color wash backgrounds
I worked on in the class.
Today we take it to the next level with some drawing.
Again - since classes are one way Alisa makes her living,
I can not give you the steps we followed to make
this background.
I can tell you this beautiful color comes from
Tombow markers.
 Here is the beautiful background I showed you yesterday.
My absolute, hands-down favorite from the class.
 I used a black sharpie for my line work.
Sharpies are permanent once dry,
so you can add more ink or paint if you want to
without messing up your line work.
 The white highlights came from a Sakura gelly roll pen.
You may notice my highlights are a bit messy in spots.
I still am not back to 100% great vision after
my surgeries . . .
. . . so I went back over some lines with my sharpie.
And this is my result.
Got to say this is one of my all time favorites.
Thank you, Alisa!

You can go to this link to check out her classes.


  1. Alice, have missed your posts but know it takes time to heal from eye surgery. Please take care of yourself and don't overdo. Not knowing you personally, I can only say how sorry I am about your Mom but, I have a strong feeling you will have wonderful memories until you see her again. Love all the colors and creativity with your drawings. I will check her out as I have been taking watercolor and mix media classes also. Take care.

    1. thank you. I have great memories of mom and I know they will sustain me till I see her again <3

  2. These florals look absolutely striking - it always fascinates me how you decide where to place the linework over the multicoloured background. The highlights really make a difference - very effective indeed.

    1. it's a bit of a guessing game sometimes. and yes, the highlights are probably one of my favorite parts :)


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