Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Crayon Resist, Art on a Shoe String

 Are you ready for another
Art on a Shoe String?
A couple weeks ago I posted the above piece of
art that I made using a watercolor resist pen
with watercolor paints.
Not everyone has access to a watercolor resist
pen, or to frisket, but most everyone has access to
crayons. Yes. Crayons.
So let's see if we can make a successful
watercolor resist using a white crayon.
Keeping with the theme of
Art on a Shoe String -
I headed to Walmart and went straight to
the school aisle. 
That box of 24 crayons was just 47¢.
(The 16 crayon box cost 57¢.
Go figure.)
 I used a scrap piece of mixed media paper -
you could try cardstock if you wish.
(The real question is: why does autocorrect keep
changing my word 'cardstock' to 'yardstick?'
Because it's a real pain.
So I just won't use that word again in this post.)
 I used the white crayon to draw a tangle on the
mixed media paper.
Next time I won't use a pattern that needs
precision, but this is a learning curve.
 I used a paintbrush to cover my paper in water.
You can already see that the crayon is resisting
the water, so the watercolor should work as well.
 Then I started adding color.
I used an inexpensive child's watercolor
pan set from the school row. You've seen
it in these posts before. 
 And I kept adding color and more water as needed.
The precision in that tangle is totally lost.
I think if I had used a light tan crayon
or a light yellow crayon
I would have been able to make the tangle better.
Sorry to all you serious tanglers.
Do better than I did. 
 Of course, according to the 
Hendon School of Color
one can never have too much color!
 I did blot up a bit of that liquid,
cause you can have too much water.
 While that piece sat to dry,
 I started another.
This time I drew a string line with the white
crayon and that works much better!
Pink, purple and teal are my go-to colors.
My mantra. 
Cause I love them so much.
Then I sat this aside to dry.
Time to evaluate.
Can you successfully make marks that watercolors 
will resist with a common, every day crayon?

Yes. You definitely can!
Even in the one I messed the tangle up on -
it worked.

And I learned something.
Which is what this is all about anyway.
I learned 2 things actually:
* don't try precision tangles, unless I
* press down to make solid, substantial lines.

I like the way the first one worked,
the way the resist definitely worked,
I just wish I had made stronger lines to start with.
I pressed down harder with the crayon in this one
and you can certainly see the difference it made.
I can take both pieces and tangle them with
success and be happy with my art.

Success of this Art on a Shoe String?

And if you don't have crayons on hand - they are
only 47¢ at Walmart.
Or you can borrow one from your kid.
Or a neighbor.
Have fun!


  1. what a fun post! I'm normally on my phone when I look at your blog , so I'm recommending to anyone that reads this comment that you click on 'view web version' instead of the mobile version when you visit. You'll see why... trust me. ;-)

    1. haha! I would not have thought about that. thanks for pointing it out <3

  2. A great post as always. I just wish I had the time to try all your ideas.
    Thank you for sharing. This would make a great project for kids.


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