Thursday, May 18, 2017

Finally! An Animal!

After a long winter and snow that stayed
on the ground forever -
we finally had an animal show up in 
the back yard today!
 I love that the raccoons in Maine are brown.
The Florida raccoons are gray.
These are much prettier and warmer looking.
(I still don't want to get close to one, though.)
 I was starting to worry that the animals
wouldn't find Mark's corn feeder again.
And I really enjoy watching through the
studio window to see who will show up!
 Patience has paid off.
Another life lesson right there!
Hahaha! For sure!
 He pretty much found a good spot with corn
on the ground and stayed there.
Didn't move around much at all.
And he ate. And ate. And ate.
Then, when we was full he slowly ambled
off into the woods.
To hopefully tell his friends that the
Hendon Buffet
is once again open!


  1. Looks like he was hungry - hopefully you'll have some more. If I were an animal I'd be a regular visitor to the Hendon Buffet, that's certain & I'd tell all my friends too. I wonder if a raccoon is friendly with a bear??????

    1. Haha! I hope so because we have at least 2 bears living down in the cave. Mark has pictures on his stealth cameras.


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