Thursday, May 11, 2017

Letter Art

In my Facebook group -
Zentangle All Around - 
we are working on letter art this week. 
I set up a Pinterest board showing different
types of lettering - some fun, some serious, 
some decorative. Just examples - you can
see them here
I chose this page of letters to work with.
 I knew that I wanted to work in an arc,
so I set up two lines in pencil
and roughly divided the space into the
number of letters I was going to use.
 Next, I sketched out the letters in pencil -
knowing that I would eventually erase the lines.
 Once I was happy with the placement,
I outlined the letters with a sharpie fine liner.
I elongated the top legs of the letter K
and put a spear through the crossbar of the F.
 Happy with that, I erased my pencil lines
and began tangling some of the letters.
 For me, this was the difficult part.
Deciding what patterns to use in the letters.
Where I made mistakes, I just thickened the
lines. Yes, it is supposed to look like that.
Thank you :).
 I wanted the letters to look like they were floating
over the background, so I drew some
ribbon lines and began adding some airways -
that's the flower looking designs along
the outside.
I used Schmincke watercolors to add some color.

(And I just noticed that I forgot about the arc
and made those ribbon lines straight.
Oh well. The best laid plans of mice and men.
Or some such nonsense.)
Once I had all the color added that I wanted,
I added shading around each letter -
to give the letters that 'floaty' look! 
Super easy and it didn't take very long.
My final step will be to frame it and
mail it to a special little Frankie that I know.

What kind of letter art might you work on today?
Feel free to check out that Pinterest board
linked in pink
and see what ideas you might come up with.


  1. This made me smile so much & I love your fronds from Airways - Fescuesque or Mookaesque in character. Actually the straight ribbon lines give a very interesting to the curvature of the letters, it definitely works. I really like the way you've edged the ribbon with blue one side & pink the other. Great fun & I know she'll love this.

    1. oh, I hope she does! haha! kids can be strange about that sometimes. she can't play with it. hahaha!


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