Monday, May 1, 2017

Saturday in Maine

 Pretty much we live in heaven!
Brad Paisley has a new song out called Heaven South.
We live in Heaven North,
and this past weekend was beautiful.
Our little river between Linneus and Houlton, Maine,
was the site for a boat race.
Canoes of various shapes and sizes. 
Across the way is an old barn I've been
wanting to take a photo of
but we never stop.
Saturday I just walked across the street to it.
 And just past the barn is this awesome 
little waterfall.
One local person called it a rapid.
Looks like a tiny little waterfall to me.
 And it's coursing with water due to all the
melting snow.
And rain. 
Six days of rain projected for this week.
Mud boots will definitely be in order.
 But not on this past Saturday.
Isn't our river wonderful?
 The sun was just right and I got so
many great photos!
No canoes in this one, though.
 Then we rode the long way home,
which took us by the incredible shoe tree
I talked about in the post before this one.
 We rode on out to East Grand Lake -
finally it is thawing out.
The land you see across the water is New Brunswick,
We are so close to Canada. 
 Here you can see the water still has ice in
some places. And strangely enough, we could
see the ice floating and moving across
the top of the water.
Of course, we stopped at Grammy's on the way
home for some dinner.

This is the road we live on.
Our house is on the right,
just behind that row of trees.
The trees mark the beginning of our property.
The sunset looks even better from our back
deck, but I was afraid I'd be too late.
So, I took this shot.

Our Saturday was beautiful and I am glad
we got out to enjoy it,
because rain is scheduled for six
of the next seven days.
Ugh. Mud. 


  1. How beautiful! Looks like a little slice of heaven.

  2. You live in a beautiful country!!!spring is there!!!!thank you for the good pictures!!!!

  3. That sunset is glorious - a few more minutes & you'd have missed the photo - thank you so much for sharing your bit of country, it reminds me of Skåne where my parents had a house in Sweden, even the barn is Swedish looking. So good to hear you content where you live. It matters so much: such an extension of our personality & He knows that.


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