Sunday, May 14, 2017

Stinking Benjamins

You did read that title correctly.
We have a bunch of these little plants
blooming in our yard.
Our neighbor Mike came over today to
help Mark move some of the dragons back
out into the yard. Mike spotted these flowers
and told us they are called Stinking Benjamins.

Apparently they smell really bad.
Like rotting meat bad.
I did a little google research -
cause we know it's right if we see it online -
but truly they are called Stinking Benjamins.
They are a type of trillium that grows in
wooded areas around us. 
The flower sits about 4" above ground
and blooms for 2-3 weeks.
The foul smell attracts flies that act as
Identifiers of the flower -
three petals that curve backwards
and three leaves that are diamond-shaped.
And they are growing around the edge of the
dragon den.
Speaking of dragons -
it was time to move the dragon bench
back into the hollow where my dragons live.
These two dragons are the end posts for
a dragon bench.
They are carved out of pine tree stumps -
with a chain saw made for that purpose.
They are pretty awesome!
Learning new stuff in Maine every day!


  1. Looks like Mike matched his T-shirt to the Stinking Benjamin foliage! Amazing colours of that flower - so striking but pity it smells so bad for such a pretty flower. That deep deep red is so velvety. Hope the dragons don't mind the smell.......... mind you I should think between the fire-breathing & those plants you're well guarded.


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