Friday, June 2, 2017

Diptychs With Bijou - Diva Challenge #318

I've been playing with a lot of new tangles lately.
Putting them in my sketchbook,
showing the steps of the ones I thought
I'd have trouble remembering.
The Diva Challenge this week is diptychs.
And that is where my sketchbook comes into play.

According to Mr. Google,
a diptych means:
a painting on two hinged wooden panels that may be closed like a book.

Well, I wish I'd looked that up before completing
this drawing.
Just pretend it is folded in half -
down the center.
That center line of diva dance divides the
two sections. 
The mirrored part (loosely - according to the Diva)
would be the strutz and Bijou parts.
Left and right.
Right down the middle.

They are the thing to do this week.
And I will be doing more.
to check out everyone else's diptychs,
just click here for the Diva Challenge.


  1. Definitely a diptych - this just makes me smile with the sense of movement provided by both the Diva Dance in Bijou in tandem. Such an interesting take on the Diva Challenge too - love the way you've thought outside the box.

  2. hahaha! actually my friend sandy pointed it out. she has a good eye :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, I really enjoyed this prompt

  4. This one is hard to take your eyes off of, Alice! Very creative and fun!

  5. I love you putting in bijou, and I love the idea of squeezing/compressing the diva dance. Marvelous!

  6. I kept re-looking at your composition. I could see a diptych --and rhr opposite of a diptych---little vises keepung things together. Nice.

  7. What a fun piece of work! Looks like you had fun doing this one. I love your take on the diptych. Thanks for sharing!


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