Friday, June 30, 2017

Fantasy Landscapes Seuss Style - Hopefully :)

 One of the prompts this week in 
Zentangle All Around
is to use Sandra Strait's step outs and
make a fantasy landscape!
You can see all her patterns she developed
for this process here on her blog
I began by practicing Sandra's step outs in my journal.
I drew the ones that I liked best, then put stars
by the ones I thought looked the most
Dr. Seuss-y!
I did not use all the patterns I marked, but I pulled
from them to do this. 
One thing Sandra did that I totally forgot was to
color the landscape itself - the grounds, the skies -
and add tangles to those. 
My journal is a 5" x 8" and doesn't have a lot
of space for everything I wanted to do.
I do love the way it turned out, though.
I can still add to the background.
Lastly, I added color.
My thought with the grass clumps and the white
spaces was that when I used to read ALL those
Dr. Seuss books to the kids -
I remember lots of white space.
Am I wrong? 
My favorite parts are -
the water fountain I made using one of
Sandra's plant patterns
the leaning building I made from one of her
plant patterns
those crazy little tie-died sheep!
I totally had to add an inukshuk for my
Canadian peeps. 
Now I think I will go back and add some
watercolor washes to the backgrounds.

For those who want to know -
the watercolors I used are Schmincke.
I also used Lolliz gel pens to add lots
of sparkle.
Which - for the most part - doesn't photograph.

Fantasy Landscapes.
It's where it's at this week in
Zentangle All Around (FB).


  1. This is so pretty! You have inspired me to have a go at a fantasy landscape this week!

    1. Oh I'm so glad, Cathy! Can't wait to see what you come up with. This is harder than it looks. But fun.

  2. I think this is perfect the way it is! You are right about the white space in Dr. Seuss illustrations. I've been grappling with that in my next step-by-step. The white space lost, though *sigh*

  3. but my fingers are itching to do something with that sky :)

  4. Very very very faint printemps for the sky or pop-cloud! Definitely right about the Dr Zeuss - I have a vision of red, white, turquoise & orange with splashes of yellow & green. I too love your water fountain & wouldn't mind escaping to your fantasy land.

    1. I thought about doing pop cloud then forgot it. this was fun to do


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