Sunday, June 4, 2017

Getting Sketchy a Day Late

 My internet is being a bit challenged this weekend.
That makes my getting sketchy post a day late.
better late than not at all.
I guess.
 In Zentangle All Around,
on Saturdays we post pictures of what we worked
on that week.
Works in progress, practicing new tangles,
organizing tangles, developing skills.
We share it all so we can learn from each other. 
 I worked on a lot of little things this week.
I think this lower tangle - floral waves -
was my favorite.
I love the way it looks.
 I did something this week that I hadn't done before.
I glued.
These jewel steps were a little more than my eyes
 could handle late at night.
I thought by glueing in the steps,
I could at least be assured of knowing what
I am supposed to do.
Even if it doesn't always look like I do. 

Getting Sketchy.
Cause it's the thing to do. 


  1. I had a chuckle when I saw Bijou had crept in to have a look at the flowers! I'm beguiled by the first one for I just keep going back over your steps to see how you've got it so floral. Spoken has cast a spell on me ............ Absolutely love your sketchy posts - most of all I think!

    1. This is a good way for me to see if I like the Tangle or not. And I have a record of it.

  2. Your creative artwork is very much appreciated. Just wanted to say "thank you".


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