Friday, June 23, 2017

Mixed Media Fun

Mixed media can be a lot of fun!
It can also mean a lot of different things.
Here is a piece I completed this week
with some steps to show you how I made it.
 I began with a simple 8" x 10" piece of wood I purchased at Walmart. 
We are limited in shopping options where we live. 
Thankfully Walmart has a little bit of everything.
I used Folk Art paint that I had on hand,
but I expect it probably also came from Walmart.
I painted a complete cover with the darker pink.
I forgot to cover my board in gesso first.
Doing that helps your paint not absorb into
the wood, which causes you to use more paint
to get good coverage.  
I put the lighter pink on a styrofoam plate and used
a wide brush to stroke the paint on here and there.
The streaky brush strokes give your piece texture.
 Impatient person that I am,
I went straight to the texture paste
and some stencils I like a lot!
These tiny ones called Dinky Stencils
are ATC size. I use them all the time.
I used a palette knife to spread the texture paste
through the openings directly on to the
board. Just spread them on like cake icing.
Be sure to clean off your stencil before that
paste turns into concrete. 
 I used four different stencils.
Notice how I positioned the heart stencil
off the side of the board.
The brick wall stencil - I spread the texture
paste only in the middle of the stencil. 
Same thing with the larger bales-type stencil
in the lower right corner.
There is no rule that you must use the
entire stencil. It's your project. 
You make the rules.
 So I forgot to take a few photos, but let me give
it to you in a nutshell what I did next.

* I used a couple other colors of acrylic paints,
squeezed a bit of each onto a plate,
then used my fingers to spread that color
randomly onto the board.
Some horizontal smears,
some vertical smears. 

* I thought I covered up too much of the numbers,
so I took a small brayer and rolled white paint
across the top of the board.
Up and down and across.
I focused on the numbers.
Sloppy brayer-ing gives more texture.

* Then I had too much white on the hearts,
so I used a brush to put more pink back onto
the hearts and give more balance to the piece.
 Our art journal prompt in 
Zentangle All Around
this week was to use part of an old book
page or a piece of sheet music on our journal spread.
* I opted to make my board count as my art
journal this week and added bits
of two separate sheet music paper in the open
areas of my board.
 In case you don't know how to do that -
it is a super simple process.
I hand tore the paper edges so they could
get a better grip on the board.
I coated the back of them with 
Golden Gel Mediums - Soft Gell (Matte) 
and placed them where I wanted them to go on 
the board.
Then I used a wide paint brush and brushed
more gel medium over the tops,
making sure to seal down those edges.
As it dried I painted on one more layer.
Just to be sure.
Then let it dry completely.
There are many kinds of gel medium on the
market. I prefer the matte because it dries . . .
well, it dries matte. Not glossy.
And this particular brand is not sticky once dry.
I can also use it as page prep in my journaling Bible. 
 * When I was digging through my collage drawer
looking for sheet music, I came across some
cute dinner napkins that my friend Cindy gave me.
I hand tore a section of flowers from one napkin.
I couldn't paint the gel medium on the back of the
napkin piece because it would have torn.
So I painted the medium directly onto the board,
tapped the napkin piece down into it,
and painted more gel medium over the top,
sealing down the edges.
I think I actually did three layers on the napkin piece.
Just to be sure.
* I wanted to add some more 'layers' so I used
another stencil and stamped purple and green through it 
to place some random sections of dots and leaves.
 * Those music sections were too white,
so I smeared some watered down hot pink
acrylic paint over them. 
Still not finished.
Not 'complete' enough.
* I used a micron pen and tangled some lines
and dots around the bricks in the brick wall. 
* I used a squeeze bottle of liquid pearls and made
lines in the bales section to make it look more
* A couple different size medicine bottles
made excellent stamps to layer some black
circles around the board.
* I used the flat bottom edge of a binder clip 
to make some blunt rectangles of 
black here and there.
Actually, I realized this technique would
work better on flat paper, than it did
on bumpy board. 
* I used a couple different colors of liquid pearls
to dot the flowers in the napkin, and the centers
of the bales section.
* I used more liquid pearls to make the dots along
the edges of the board. 
* Lastly I used my fingers again to make some of
the white areas a little brighter.

And called it done.
Before I messed it up.
If you scroll back up to the top,
you can see what a long way this project came
from where it began. 
What a super fun process!
 Walmart. It's where the cheapo boards are.
In the craft section. 
It was the only thing I purchased for this project. 


  1. Great seeing how you did this & I love the way your brick pattern mid left is echoed by the overall grid/brick pattern of the colour laydown, likewise that pattern bottom right - rather like Bales (oops - just read your description, Bales it is!) The detail you penned on the bricks is terrifically effective & the way you've put liquid pearls all over on different areas really gives cohesion to the whole piece. I can see you had fun with this.

    1. it's one of the first times I've used my liquid pearls. no idea why I've waited so long. such fun!


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