Sunday, July 2, 2017

Getting Sketchy for this Week

 This week for Getting Sketchy, 
I worked on Fantasy Landscapes which were presented
by Sandra Strait in the Facebook group
Zentangle All Around. 
Here is a link to Sandra's challenge for us.
 Sandra had a whole set of patterns for landscaping
based on circles, squares and triangles.
Those are what I chose to Get Sketchy with this week.
 It came to me that these look a lot like Dr. Seuss
drawings, so I went with that theme. 
 I think the triangle patterns were my favorite!
 Especially that cute little kitten bush!
And these awesome sheep!
(Hers look better than mine!)
To see what I tangled up with all my favorite patterns,
see my post just before this one.
You never know what we are going to be doing in 
Zentangle All Around!


  1. Your designs are lovely and capture so much...

    1. thank you! it's a good way to keep track of patterns

  2. The Bunny Plant is my favourite - top page 3rd from right, every time I look I see a rabbit tail with two hind feet & a couple of ears; he's got a flower stalk he's jumping about with which is bigger than he is. Your sheep just makes me laugh - she's such fun with immense character.


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