Sunday, August 20, 2017

Art This Week

 Did you read that post title?
Art This Week?
Like I had a banner week or something.
My son was here for the week,
we did a lot of 4-wheeling and visiting
and eating apparently.
I gained 1 1/2 pounds.
Not cool Danielle's cinnamon rolls!
You aren't supposed to fight back.
I did get the chance to frame this piece I finished
for the Frankles' bedroom in their new house, though.
 My art buddy Genevieve is putting a new book 
together of beautiful backgrounds she has made.
She sent me one of them to try out.
The color is her beautiful work,
the tangling is mine.
Hopefully it is beautiful, too. Hehehehe!
You can check out Genevieve's store here
 This is the cool 10.5" Opus tile from Zentangle®.
I am working on the back side, cause I'm weird like that.
I sprayed some Fireworks! ink sprays into the wet
surface and let them spread around.
Lots of shimmer and sparkle happening here.
And I am slowly tangling it.
A little one day, some the next, whenever I can fit 
in a couple minutes. 
In Zentangle All Around this week, my tangle friend
Christine Koncurat Reyes shared a new tangle of
hers called SO. I used it right down the center of this
piece, and filled it with my tangle ripped screen,
and bordered the whole piece with floral waves
from Nicole Dreyer..
Super fun piece to work on!

And that was my week.
Did you get a chance to be arty?


  1. The green frame picks out the green elements of the artwork beautifully. You've certainly got the right tangles for Genevieve's background & I had to smile over the back of the Opus tile....... those different types of Mooka are catching my eye too!! Now that last one is my favourite - just love the way SO works with Floral waves.

    1. It's hard finding time right now to draw so this was a fun reprieve.


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