Saturday, August 19, 2017

This Week In Maine

My son Jason is here to visit for the week.
Bobbie and Frankie are already up here,
working and waiting to close on the new house.
It was nice to be able to show Jason some of our
countryside - without snow.
Yes, it's beautiful in winter,
but Maine is also gorgeous in the summertime.
This old barn was just north of Monticello.
 We were there to see the sunflower field.
Bobbie and Jason found it and took us there.
Of course I wanted pictures.
This field is to left of the red barn in the first shot.
It was crazy. So many sunflowers.
And every so often there was a random sunflower
a foot or so taller than the rest.
Can you see the one right in the center?
The fields are all ready for harvesting.
One year the farmers plant potatoes.
The next year they plant a grain crop or something 
that can be turned into hay for the winter.
We've done a good bit of riding the 
4-wheelers, too.
Here is a shot of the power line up near the
turbines, down the road from our house.
We always stop and look for moose or deer.
One time we have seen what we thought
was a deer. Too far away to tell.
I guess the moose are smarter than that.
This has the look of wheat to me.
It gets really tall and when the wind hits it,
it flows in ripples and reminds me of the song
America the Beautiful. 
Amber waves of grain.
Not far from the house is this really cool rock.
We thought Jason might like to see it. 
We headed back to the house.
Look at those skies. Pretty ominous looking.
Of course, wait 5 minutes and it will be clear.
You can see a bit of the sun there - trying to break through.
Our house is just behind those trees.
Prunella vulgaris.
Sheesh! What a name!
I need to rename this before I include it
in a tangle book for Maine. 
Hahahaha! But it was really cool looking!
This particular day we passed several families.
A few children.
Everyone waved to the Frankles in her
nifty helmet! Hahaha! She loves riding!
We rode up to our local diner - Grammy's -
and had some yummy local cooking.
Back at the house.
When you ask for a kiss - this is what you get.
Proceed with caution.
We had a great week!


  1. Alice, these are fabulous pictures. Thank you for sharing them with us. Love you.

    1. Love you, too! Thanks for stopping by. I enjoy sharing Maine with everyone.

  2. It's the fields & the skies that capture my imagination, & of course I can appreciate your fascination with all the different types of barns. I can see you're enjoying having Frankie with you but can imagine you're getting tired out too??

    1. Exhausted more like. It's hard to get online and do much of anything. And you and I never get to talk anymore. We will catch up soon. But is all worth it to have them here. Closing on their new house soon.

    2. Brilliant news about the house. Be good to catch up - been a bit hectic here too, more bookshop duties as losing member of staff & not replacing.


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