Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Here's To a Great Artsy Week!

Zentangle and the art of tangling is just the best thing ever!
When your life is crazy like mine has been recently,
when you need to just step back and take a breather -
tangling helps you relax and feel focused as you tune
out the rest of the world.

Tangling has been used:
to improve concentration skills,
for physical therapy,
for eye/hand coordination,
for various steadiness/control issues,
for grief treatment,
for autistic folks,
for dyslexics,
there are so many ways tangling has
helped people deal with the cards life has
given them. 

I enjoy making coloring pages like this one.
When I want to offer it to people to add color to -
I skip the shading stage because I know many
people like to shade in color as well. 

This type of drawing is really where my heart is.
Where is your heart?
What type of art calls to you?
And if you don't know the answer to that question,
do not fear.

Do you know where I found tangling?
And art journaling?
On Pinterest. 
(And you just thought Pinterest was all about
cookies and cakes and frosting.
I hope you have a wonderful, artsy week!


  1. Aha - know this is your 'style' for it's so distinctive. Came across Zentangle in someone's blog post then it was discussed in an online chat for stampers that I belonged to........ the owner of the business got some Zentangle supplies into stock......... & I came across you soon after!!

    1. and we've been great friends ever since!


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