Saturday, September 2, 2017

Tear Drops

I have so very little time for art right now.
I worked on this little 5" x 4" piece over the
course of three days. A little at a time.
I just started drawing tear drops until they
filled the paper.
I used Lolliz gel pens to add the color to the
tear drops, then I splattered some
watercolor drops over the whole piece.
I like the way it turned out.
Fun, easy and quick. 

The house closing is taking longer than we
expected and we just got told it will take
another 2 weeks. So not happy today. 


  1. Like the way you've used different sizes of teardrops & how they fit with each other. House purchases are always long-winded somehow then all of a sudden......... thinking of you all.

    1. It's hard to get anything done. Sounds like it will be at least 3 more weeks before they can move in. Just thankful they are here.


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