Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Day 3 M'Anning #inktober #zensations #hahnemuhle

Day three of INKtober, 2017!
The tangle prompt in our group today is
M'anning, one I had not tried before.
It went down super simple,
all roundish and stuff :)
and I like it!
I completed it with a full aura,
and my go-to Printemps and tipple. 

I used my Sarasa fineliner pens from Zebra Pens
to draw the patterns.
Zebra also has these awesome blended
pens called Super Marble Gel Pens.
Each pen is filled with a combination of three
colors and you just don't know what it will
look like until you draw the line.
The two shells to the right have this pen
on the inner lines. Some places it looks
blue, some places it has a pink tint.
Pretty awesome!

I tangled up this bit of M'anning on a tile
from Hahnemuhle You Tangle Art.
I really like the smoothness of the tile for
pen work, but it leaves a bit to be desired 
for the way I used some watercolors here. 
I wanted a soft wash of pretty color around the
outside of my tangles, 
so I grabbed my Yasutomo watercolor pans
and a water brush and proceeded to wash
some pretty color around the outside. 
If I am right in my understanding of paper weight,
310 gsm converted to Bristol weight 
should make it about 140 lb. 
This paper should have held water
better and not have caused so much pilling.
I will definitely have to try something different
next time.

Overall, though, I like the way my tile
for day #3 of INKtober turned out. 
The tangle is CO2 which can be found on 
Why don't you give it a try?


  1. Frustrating when paper pills but looks like you rescued it well & you can never replace actual experience of a substrate can you? Love your signature Printemps here in the different colours - excellent complement to M'anning. Another creature for your seascape too. Thanks for all the info about products - there's always a question in my brain as to what paper, pens, brand watercolours etc......... don't think I'll ever lose that tendency now.

    1. M’anning was really fun and yes, I thought about using it in underwater scenes , too. Haha!


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