Sunday, October 1, 2017

INKtober is Under Way #zensations #inktober #hahnemuhle

 INKtober is upon us again. 
It's that time of year when we are encouraged 
to create an inked piece of art each day. 
Doesn't matter what form that takes. 
Just get some ink on a page each day. 
Great habits are formed one day at a time. 

In my Facebook group 
I have posted a challenge to my members to create 
one piece of inked art each day and 
post it in our group. 
My hope is for many of the members to develop 
a love for putting themselves onto paper 
in the form of inked expressions. 

The zentangle pattern I chose for them to use today is spoken
Both my tiles start with that tangle. 
On the above tile I began with my Mildliner pens from Zebra Pens. 
The structure for spoken was made with two colors
(and they go down smooth and yummy!)
 Then I used a copic multiliner to fill the color with the tangle shattuck
Other tangles are:
I used Hahnemuhle You Tangle art tiles for both pieces. 
Here I spun the tangle spoken both 
clockwise and counter clockwise, then filled with other tangles.
They are:
wave runner and tear drop. 
Shading on both pieces was done with a basic pencil and tort.

So. What are you tangling up today?
If you want to try INKtober, but don't know
where to start, head on over to 
Zentangle All Around 
and I'll let you in the door. 
Look for the INKtober post 
(it's a cool photo outlined in teal) 
and read that information to get going.
Hope to see you there!

In case you are a new reader,wherever you see the color pink -
that is a link. Easy to remember -
pink = link.


  1. Striking - love both of these................ shall see if time is squeezable - suspect won't be.

    1. Just do what you can. A little here. A little there. ❤️

  2. Oh cool! You bought some of the YouTangle.Art tiles! Wonderful patterns!

    1. Yes. I like them very much so far. I like the smoothness. Still getting used to the way they take the ink. Think I'm going to love that, too.


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