Friday, October 6, 2017

INKtober #zensations #artistrove #stillman&birn

 This was a really fun piece to put together for
I used a piece of scrapbook paper
and tangled right on top of it. 
Yesterday's prompt was the tangle scallamp
that would be the twisting one right up
through the middle. 
To that I added the tangles Printemps,

I used a black Sarasa fineliner from Zebra Pens
for the drawing, a Uniball Signo white gel pen for highlights, 
and inexpensive Walmart colored pencils for the shading. 
Love how it turned out!
That Sarasa works great on every type of paper,
laying down some wonderful black color!
Today's tangle is an original from 
Zentangle® HQ called punzel
Punzel is always fun to draw and it 
pretty much looks different every time I
draw it. Probably isn't supposed to,
but it does. Hahaha!
I added in a little Diva Dance
and my own tangle All Boxed Up.

For this piece I used some new-to-me
pens from Artistrove called
Epiphany XB-Chrome.
Love these pens!
They go down smooth and glide across the paper!
Speaking of paper - this is in my 
Stillman & Birn Zeta Series Sketchbook. 
Shading is with a regular graphite pencil,
smudged with a tort. 

INKtober is going on all month.
To get involved, you can head over to my FB group
Knock on the door and let me know you are there.
We are closing in on 3,000 members,
so there is lots of inktober art happening.


  1. Those white highlights on scallamo are super adding such dimension & picking up on the little orbs you've included with Printemps. Your Blox works a treat as the background with Crescent Moon & Printemps looking like cracks in a wall. The combination of Punzel with Diva Dance & All Boxed Up works superbly - I can imagine Punzel morphing itself as you draw too.

    1. Hahaha! I wish punzel morphed itself. Hahaha! I use light pencil lines to keep my sections going the right directions.


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