Tuesday, December 19, 2017

More Tangle Starts Pages

 So Christmas is sneaking up on us,
it will be here in less than a week!
 With that lovely thought in mind
I thought I'd show you some interior pages
from my book Tangle Starts.
And I apologize for pushing this book, 
but it really will make a wonderful gift 
for someone you know!
The above page was made with 
Brusho Color Crystals
and loads of water! 
Such a wonderful page to tangle on.
It would be really pretty for an art journal page background also.
 This page screams steampunk!
Tangle up a steampunk vehicle,
stamp a steampunk scene,
use it for collage art,
or an art journal background.
 Schmincke watercolors brought this page to life.
That and water splatted across the page.
This would be a great piece to watercolor on -
fruit, birds, whimsical animals.
Your choice.
I love making this kind of page.
Sitting here staring at it, I can count at least
12 different products I used to make 
this piece of art.
I am thinking collage art for sure!

Whether you are an artist, or you know 
someone who is,
Tangle Starts is a perfect jumping off point.
You can read more about it by going to this
Remember with Amazon Prime you can have
this book in 2 days. 

Thank you for being so faithful this past year in following my blog and being supportive of my art.
You are greatly appreciated!
I pray your Christmas is wonderful and spent in a way you love, 
with people you love,
being thankful for all God has blessed us with.


  1. The pages in this book are truly beautiful!

    1. Thanks! I am glad you’re enjoying your copy!

  2. These pages are so gorgeous colorful. Love them. Ingrid.

    1. Thanks, ingrid! I love making these kinds of backgrounds.

  3. Can't quite decide between Schmincke & the Brushos pages - I can see you had a lot of fun creating these pages, mind you I also have an inkling of the frustration when you had to recreate all the art over in order to get the pixels to fit!!

    1. but - I have some extra pages that didn't make it into this book that can be part of book #2 :)


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