Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Tangle Starts Planner Out Just in Time for 2018 #zebrapen

A very colorful book cover of Tangle Starts Planner
 Yay!!! It is finally finished and just in time for 2018!
For a couple months now I have been working hard to put this book together for you.
I wanted it to be a combination bullet journal type planner for the tangle artist along with tangling materials!
And I believe I have accomplished just that.
No color in this book, just 242 pages of black and white that you can add color to if you wish. 
Just read the instructions about the paper weight and pens first. 
I would like to point out that all the art in this book was drawn by myself with a Sarasa Fineliner from Zebra Pens! It is pretty much all I use.
a look at the index page of Alice Hendon's Tangle Starts Planner
 I don't actually have a copy in hand yet,
so I took screen shots of the pdf I submitted for the book. The Index will give you an idea what is inside.
This book has all the elements a bullet journalist would be looking for. And it has 106 new tangle patterns along with some awesome features for the tangle artist. 
The section on pages 154 - 183 is where you would set up your own lists and collections of things you want to track this year. 
And since there are no starting or stopping dates, and no specific month names written in - you can begin using this planner any time you wish.
a look at the Pen Test Page in Alice Hendon' Tangle Starts Planner 2018
Because someone always asks what pens to use, this is the page of instructions I included in the front of the book. When I build a book through Create Space which goes straight to Amazon.com I do not have control over the thickness of the paper. If you already have a copy of the Tangle It! Journal, this will be the same paper. And I believe it is similar in weight to other planners sold to be bullet journals®.
one of Tangle Starts Planner dot grid pages.
If you have never bullet journaled before - neither have I. But I am going to start. With this book. I tried to explain as you get into each new section how you might use the next set of pages. But as any journaler knows - this is your book and you set it up however you want to. It is all good! Above is the first "monthly" spread.
And this is the first of the weekly spreads.
grid dot paper from Tangle Starts Planner 2018
 Each weekly spread has an inspirational quote on the right hand page. Some art quotes, some life quotes, some super hero quotes because 
why not?
some tangle patterns that you will find inside of Tangle Starts Planner 2018
Here is a sample to show how the patterns are set up. All black and white, so no red lines. The grey lines show the new step and you build from there. I tried to keep all the patterns to 3-4 steps each.
Zentangle patterns and other patterns inside of Alice Hendon's Tangle Starts Planner for 2018
Above is a thumbnail "quick reference" page to show you what some of the patterns look like.
106 total.
Lots of fun stuff to work with.
There is also a section where you can add your own personal favorite tangles - another quick reference section.
a very colorful purple and turquoise back cover of Alice Hendon's Tangle Starts Planner for 2018
And if you need to know more, here is the back side of the book with the description.
A total of 242 pages all in all for $14.99 on Amazon.
Available all over the world. 
If you are in the United States and interested, click here
In Canada? Click here.
In Europe? Click here
Thank you for reading my post! Sorry to sound like I'm trying to sell you a book but this is part of my marketing plan <3 .
The cover page full of color as Alice Hendon's book Tangle Starts,
And . . . in case you were wondering, the
Tangle Starts full color book may be a wonderful place to play with all these new tangle patterns. 
Available in all those same locations. 

Happy New Year!


  1. Replies
    1. thanks, Cindy, this is really what I wanted with the original planner the three of us with Tangle It! did but they never understood. so I just made it happen - along with my sweet friends Christine and Sandra <3

  2. Congratulations - well done indeed, superb timing too for the New Year. Thanks for thinking ahead enough to take screenshots so people can see inside & for such an informative blog post giving such brilliant info about the contents. You've certainly been VERY busy never mind the childminding. Happy New Year.

    1. thanks! that was why I was in such a rush to get this done by Christmas - everyone needs planner and they aren't looking for them in March. normally. ahahaha! now it's time to take a rest for awhile

  3. Alice, Huge Congratulations on the publishing of your new book! I just read the review over at Jenn's!
    This one is a definite have to have!
    I must tell you I completely Adore your Tangle book, but it is wayyyyyy too beautiful to do anything in! Each Time I think I am going to, I try and choose a page and end up not choosing any because they are all too pretty ! Yea, I know, it's a sickness...I promise to move past this and when I do, I will be sure to post and send you the link! heehee

    Anyway, I love the bullet journal and I am forever keeping notes and forgetting which journal I put them in! argh! I love the addition of the tangle patterns- how cool!!

    Well, best wishes with this and I promise to write you as soon as I post!
    Jackie ")

    1. hahaha! I understand completely! I love just looking at the colorful pages. and thanks for your interest in the planner. I love mine! and I am already working on another for next year. I keep getting more and more ideas <3


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