Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Glass Dip Pen and Ink

glass dip pen art using Liquitex inks, beautiful bright colors and pen shown
 A couple months ago I started seeing glass dip pens
in my Amazon feed. 
So of course I had to check them out.
first step drawn showing the glass dip pen I am using
 I think I paid $8.00 for this pen on Amazon.
They had boring in the $3-4.00 range,
 but I wanted pretty. Since then I have seen some
glass dip pens online that run upwards of $150-200.
I will never have one of those. Hahaha!
But I do wish for one. 
I like Fire Spider Glass's website - they have a cool
pen with a jelly fish design. So can not afford them.
my dip pen and a few of the Liquitex inks and a Dale Rowney Ink I used
I watched a YouTube video that ran 1:20 and
learned enough to make this drawing.
Hahaha! That's about the length of my attention span.
I already had these inks. 
Sometimes I use them for
backgrounds, but I had never drawn with them.
Liquitex Acrylic Ink and Daler Rowney Liquid Acrylics 
both worked great!
step two drawn with my glass dip pen shown
 It is as simple as dipping this pen into the jar of ink,
wiping the excess off onto the lip of the jar,
then holding the pen like you would any pen -
and you draw!
There! I saved you watching a 1:20 YouTube video!
You are welcome!
They did suggest being careful not to clink the two
glass items together very sharply in case you
get breakage. That would be sad.
glass dip pen art piece in progress using Liquitex ink
 Figuring I was going into the unknown,
I thought I should stay with something safe -
like the tangle narwal. 
I drew the framework using two different ink colors.
Then I started filling in the sections with - - - 
what else? Printemps!
my narwal piece in progress - showing the glass dip pen I am using
 (I am impressed I remembered to take photos.)
Here is a shot of what the pen looks like inked.
You really don't do anything other than stick the
pen down into the ink and pull it out,
wiping the excess on the rim.
The ink sits in those little grooves and does not
fall off the bottom. I promise.
But don't write straight down at a 90 degree angle -
because it won't work. 
Hold it like a regular ballpoint pen.
still adding color and patterns to my glass dip pen piece of art
 Class is over for the day.
my glass dip pen and my narwal piece in progress
 I tried every color I had that wasn't boring - like silver and black. Ugh. 
I will probably never use those.
closeup of the glass dip pen with ink loaded onto it.
 I hadn't used the sepia color yet, so I started outlining the
whole narwal to tie it all together!
Once you are done with one color, dip your
pen into a container of water and swirl it around.
Then wipe it dry on a cloth or paper towel.
This will keep your pen clean and keep you
from cross-mixing colors you don't want mixed.
Unless you want to have a whole jar of mud color.
beautiful bright colored narwal tangle and the glass dip pen I used
My hand slipped as I made one of the curves,
so the whole thing now has a thicker border.
That way it looks like I planned it to be that way.
Glass dip pens may just be where it's at -
here in Maine. 
Now if I could only justify spending a small
fortune on the jellyfish pen.


  1. Hmm - rather think I prefer your aqua pen as I'd get distracted from the artwork by the fancy colours & design of the jelly fish version. Thanks for the step by step photos, I was wondering whether you'd used the dip pen for the little Printemps swirls. It's actually turned out far more effective with a thickish aura around it, but thanks for sharing how that happened for it's encourages others to just go with the flow of happy accidents.

    1. :) I actually 'happy accident' quite a lot! I used to get upset about it but now I know to turn it into something else. learned that from my dad. he used to tell me that 'usually nothing is so broken that it can't be fixed and sometimes made even better'

  2. Hi Alice, the jelly fish pen is great. I love your drawing and your humor. Ingrid.

    1. this was a lot of fun! getting ready to try the 5 minute tangling prompt in Zentangle All Around with this pen :)

  3. Beautiful art, and beautiful pen!

    1. Thank you. A happy experiment that worked.


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