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Cézanne Mould-Made watercolor paper with Daniel Smith watercolor roses
 What a great fun piece of art to make!
Cézanne Mould-Made watercolor paper, cold press
Recently, the Hahnemühle paper company sent me
several samples of their art paper product to try out
and product review. 
I'm not ready to do that review just yet,
but this would be step number one in that process. 

This pad of paper is their 
Cézanne Mould-made Watercolor, Surface Sized paper.
It is cold pressed, acid free, age resistant,
natural white and 100% cotton rag.
At 140 lbs, this paper was perfect for what 
I wanted to try!
Cézanne Mould-Made watercolor paper with Daniel Smith watercolors
 For color I pulled out several tubes of
a cup of water and a watercolor paintbrush. 
Here are the colors I used:
duo chrome emerald,
green gold,
pyrrole orange,
duo chrome cactus flower,
duo chrome mauve, and
from LeFranc Bourgeois - bateaux violet.

Working with totally dry paper,
I added water to my colors on a palette to get
them good and watery,
then started swirling swatches of color onto
the paper with a wet brush. 
Cézanne Mould-Made watercolor paper with Daniel Smith watercolors
 I overlapped colors till I liked the arrangement.
Next I added some clean water rings and drops
onto the colored swirls,
blotted a few areas with a paper towel.
I spattered some water droplets with a fan brush, 
then waited till it was dry.
Typically I use a heat gun to dry the color,
but it tends to push heat rings and I didn't
want that technique with this page.
Hence the natural air drying.
Cézanne Mould-Made watercolor paper with Daniel Smith watercolor roses close-up
and started making swirly, spiral-y lines.
And I thickened some areas.
Easy peasy to do.
I am an Artist Ambassador for Zebra,
so I should mention these pens are my go-to
for any art I do.
Good coverage, dark black color, and easy to handle.
This particular Cézanne cold press was a little
"bumpier" and "rougher" than I normally tangle on.
Next I want to try my Sarasas on the hot pressed
Cézanne so I can compare. 
Cézanne Mould-Made watercolor paper with Daniel Smith watercolor roses in progress
 I stayed with colors that might pass for flowers,
so much fun!
And I watched several episodes of Gotham while I worked.
A win/win all around!
Cézanne Mould-Made watercolor paper with Daniel Smith watercolor roses close up
I wasn't sure until this point how I was going to address the greens.
They could be fill areas,
or they could pass for foliage,
or leaves.
That is my tangle of choice when I get stuck,
so it worked just awesomely for the leafy,
foliage-y, need-to-be-filled-in areas.
Cézanne Mould-Made watercolor paper with Daniel Smith watercolor roses
And before I knew it, season 2 of Gotham was done,
and my artwork was complete. 

Ok, how did I like the way the paper reacted?
This Cézanne worked like a dream for accepting the color.
It helped that it is 140 pounds in weight,
but a bonus that I haven't really worked with before
is the whole "block" idea.
I didn't mention that before?
The pad of Cézanne is both glued and gauzed along
all four sides to ensure the sheet stays flat when it's wet. 
I admit I did have a bit of an issue removing the page
from the pad - probably because I had not done this before
and didn't do it correctly.
If you slide a palette knife under a corner,
you can easily slip it along the edges and remove
this page. 
I used a dull knife and . . . 
yeah, that didn't work so awesomely.
My fault. Not the fault of the paper.

The fine grain and structure of the paper allowed for
excellent flow of my Daniel Smith colors. 
And don't you just love the shimmer and shine of those duo chrome colors?

My Sarasa Fineliner gave excellent coverage and pulled the whole piece together.
Cézanne, Daniel Smith and Zebra.
A winning combination all the way around.
Now to try that hot pressed Cézanne.


  1. This looks so awesome. The Cézanne paper is fabulous to work on!

    1. Thanks! It was a fun piece to do. And I love the paper!

  2. Beautiful- thanks for sharing! BTW, is there a step-out for the flower? I'm intrigued....

    1. thank you! I based the flower on one of Helen William's patterns called string rose and embellished it with the thicker lines. here is a link to Helen's tangle, hope it works :

  3. Thanks for your detailed explanation - that's one of the things I really appreciate & you say what products you've used. The end result is a dream - so simple yet so classy & I can imagine you had great fun working on it. Not sure I could tangle & watch TV at the same time............

    1. hahaha! I watch something I've already seen several times so I don't have to pay close to attention to the show. it's usually Merlin or Musketeers or something similar, this time Gotham.

  4. Thanks, Alice- you really made the pattern your own!

    1. it was the first time I've drawn it, really easy to do. and so much fun on this paper with these colors!

  5. Replies
    1. you are so welcome! I hope you will give it a try :)


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