Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Day One of The 100 Day Project is Now! #zebrapens #zebrapenusa #the100dayproject

 It's finally here!!!!
The 100 Day Project is finally here!!!
 And this is what I did for day #one!
What is the 100 Day Project you may be asking?
This graphic borrowed from the official website
gives you The 100 Day Project in a nutshell.
Basically, you make art for 100 days in a row
and you can share them on social media.
To get all the 'official' details, go here
I admin a Facebook group called
We are participating as a group and posting
with the hashtags #the100dayproject and

This is the way we are doing our project:
starting today and running through July 11th,
we are tangling - or drawing - or arting for
15 minutes each day.
We are setting a timer for 15 minutes and
tangling. When that timer goes off,
we are stopping and posting what we have.
Many people are overwhelmed when it comes
to finding time to tangle. 
I figured most people could find 15 minutes a day.
A lot of our members have already posted their 
work for today. 
This is what I did with my 15 minutes.
from Zebra Pen
in a poor quality sketchbook from Prestigify.
Won't be buying any more of their product.
I would have liked to have had more time
to smooth out the shading
it is what it is. 
If you would like to join us for
The 100 Day Project,
head on over to Zentangle All Around,
knock on the door and I will let you in.


  1. The paper makes such a difference doesn't it? You did a rather good job with it nonetheless & I always like seeing your Narwal & how it becomes a seashell instead.

    1. hahaha! it does become a shell, doesn't it? I guess I can't draw it any other way. I'll have to think about that. and yes, seriously disappointed in that prestigify sketchbook.


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