Thursday, April 5, 2018

Day Three, The 100 Project #babyleda #ledartsupply #dippenart

15 minute dip pen art for The 100 Day Project
Day three of 
is in the bag. 
So to speak. 

My Facebook group
is doing this challenge together.
We are tangling for 15 minutes a day.
I figured everyone could figure 15 minutes
into their day. I am having them set a timer.
When that 15 minutes is over -
put your pen down and post your art!

for this adventure and so far
it is taking everything I throw at it great!
Today I worked with Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay
We are talking about some thick areas
of ink and the Leda handled it great
Absolutely no bleed through to the back. 
Not even a hint of color.
To get this project done in 15 minutes,
I had to get all my inks lined up and
ready to go!

The tangles I used are simple ones -
I also used a black copic multiliner
to outline the whole piece and tie it together.

We are completing 
The 100 Day Project
in my Facebook group Zentangle All Around.
If you would like to get involved,
come on over and knock on the door.
You are welcome to join our awesome
group of tanglers!


  1. Aha - you had a marathon race against the clock (timer). Love all the colours & circles of Diva Dance (??) with the Printemps tendrils of foliage. The Diva Dance flowers remind me of roses.

    1. it was a race indeed. love that dip pen. I haven't broken the tip on this one yet. shhhhh!!!! and yes, that's diva dance rock 'n roll :)


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