Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Day Two, The 100 Day Project in My Baby Leda #ledaartsupply #the100dayproject #zentangleallaround

the 100 Day Project Day 2 art - zentangle in my Baby Leda
 It is day #2 in the
I really dislike the Prestigify sketchbook 
I was using yesterday, to the point that 
I tore my first day page out and it ripped!
doing the 100 Day Project in my Baby Leda Pocket Sketchbook
I took that page and trimmed it down a bit,
then glued it right into this cute little beauty here!
This is the 3.5" x 5.5" 
You can also purchase their line of sketchbooks
and supplies on 
the 100 Day Project Day 2 art - zentangle in my Baby Leda
For my Facebook group
I am challenging our almost 5,000 members
to participate in the 100 Day Project.
My challenge to them is to commit
15 minutes a day to tangle something.
Many people are overwhelmed trying to
find time to draw in their every day life.
I figured most people would be able
to commit to 15 minutes.
And, so far they are really rocking it!
(Yes, I know it's only day 2, but they
are seriously killing it!)

Above is my Day 2!
I used the tangle membranart from
Tomas Padros in a 3" x 3" box. 
This Leda Pocket sketchbook is the perfect
size and there are plenty of pages for
the entire 100 Day Project! 
In fact, there are 160 pages
so I even have room to tangle up some
extra art!
Awesome sauce!
Now to make a title page for my project!

If you aren't involved in 
The 100 Day Project,
And if you would like to join
as we tangle our way through the project,
join us here and I will put you to work. 


  1. Think I'd have done the same with the lousy paper! I'm woefully behind after having the MAC wiped of everything & trying to get my head round the new OS High Sierra. The iPad has emerged from hibernation but that too has a new iOS......... oh give me pen & paper.

    1. well we certainly have enough journals between us to keep things going :) hope you get your computer and iPad issues sorted out soon - did you see that? I used an english term "sorted out" :)

    2. Didn’t realise that was ‘English’ isn’t it strange how the US & UK English differ. Just off to investigate the Leda...........

  2. is it strange. you'd think since "we" speak English and "you" speak English - it would all be the same. nope.. hahahahaha!


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