Monday, April 9, 2018

Days 5 and 6, The 100 Day Project #ledaartsupply #hahnemühle_usa #zebrapenus

Day 5 of The 100 Day Project, Alice Hendon, Hahnemühle Watercolor Book
 And so I continue my journey with
Actually the past couple days have been rough.
Dealing with a migraine and serious vertigo
is never fun!
I had been doing some work in my
tangling blocks of patterns and adding color.
My day 5 page above is one I worked on in
between feeling like I was going to puke.
No color added yet. That will come. 
This little book is going to be amazing!
Hahaha! Yes, it will be!
I will share a fuller post soon and show you
what I mean.
Day 6 of The 100 Day Project, Alice Hendon, Leda Art Supply
 Yesterday was day 6 in the journey to 100!
I have a sketchbook I am reviewing for 
It is 3.5" x 5.5" and is the perfect size for
The 100 Day Project.
There are enough pages to complete the entire
project in this one book. 
Above is a two-page spread I colored with
Cosmic Shimmer Watercolor pans.
The color flowed on wonderfully and is easy
to tangle over. 
Day 6 of The 100 Day Project, Alice Hendon, Leda Art Supply
This is what I did with the pages for day #6.
I used the tangles printemps, tipple and blox
and filled in the pages.
Then I used my set of Zensations Colored Pencils
from Zebra Pen to add shading.
They worked very well over the watercolor shimmer. 

I am an Artist Ambassador for Zebra Pen,
an Ambassador for Leda Art Supply,
and  review products for Hahnemühle.
These were a couple of win/win days for these

If you are interested in learning more about
just click the pink link. 
Our Facebook group 
is doing the project together.
I have asked them to set a timer for 15 minutes,
to tangle or draw during those 15 minutes,
then when the timer sounds -
to stop and post their work in our group.
I figured just about anyone could find
15 minutes in their day to participate.
If you would like to join us -
head over here
and we will welcome you to the group!


  1. Hope you're feeling very much better by now. Your wall of Blox with the cracked bricks looks super with the Printemps bits of foliage growing in the cracks. Had to smile at the way the colours of your clips matched the pages. Those pattern swatches are tempting to try.

    1. haha! yes! I am all about the teal these days. this 100 Day Project is time consuming but I'm enjoying it so far.


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